Happy birthday, happy art sale!
Posted March 23, 2008 at 02:01 am

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to Beyond Comics on Saturday! We had a blast and I got rid if some of my books. Good times.

Secondly, yeah, I made Hazel's birthday the day after mine so I wouldn't forget it. Hey, that's good news for you! Assuming you like original art, that is.

This week only, you can purchase original GWS art (the actual ink-on-bristol strips) for just $50 per strip!
(That's a whopping $25 off, y'all.) Sunday strips, which usually go for $95 apiece, are being reduced to $80, and shipping will only be charged once for multiple orders.
Check the list for the one you want, e-mail me the strip # and your address to receive a PayPal invoice, and your favorite strip can be yours-all-yours.

I'm also selling off these fancy original pin-up pieces, featuring Hazel in the gas mask, Jamie and her kitty, and Clarice reading *ahem" The Great Gatsby.
All three are ink & marker on 9x12" bristol. Auctions end in one week!

Speaking of sales, I hope all you New Jersey/New York/Pennsylvania folk are prepared to come out to Wild Pig Comics this Saturday and Sunday for the ENORMOUS 50% off sale!
I'll be there, along with Bill Ellis, David Gallaher, Erica Hesse (hell yeah!) and some other special guests whose names I'm forgetting because it's like 2 in the morning and I'm seriously gonna pass out on the keyboard.
Lucky for us, owner Chris Eberle is a frickin' genius and put links and info all over his website, which was linked a few hundred characters ago but here, I'll link it again for you right here.

Anyway, I'll be doing 24 sketches in 24 hours again, as I did last year, for way cheaper than my typical convention price!
Naturally, I'll also have the last of my GWS Volume One books available for y'all. Last chance to get the super-special non-ISBN, messed-up pages and typos version of the book!

And just in case you're still all like, "God I hate Jersey, I don't want to go to a stupid comic book sale," let me assure you that Chris's store is top-notch and he carries a bunch of awesome indy books on top of the regular mainstream books, statues, and back issues.
And did I mention freakin' 50% off?? That's like, HALF the price!! On like, EVERYTHING!

So quit wondering what you're doing this weekend. You're coming out to Jersey, with us. Because you love us, and/or you love comics. Or just Jersey. Because that's likely.


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