She speaks!
Posted April 29, 2008 at 02:01 am

Boy, I've been quiet! Especially with all that's been going on. So here, let me speak at you a little.

First of all, we're having MAJOR problems with corrupted files.
I realize that a good 25% (or more?) of you have been seeing corrupted GWS strips the past couple of days, and I apologize.
Rest assured that my famed Tech Guy Allan is on it.
I suppose I'll be reinstalling Photoshop (for the love... ), and also looking for a more reliable FTP client.

In the meantime, if you guys see another corrupted image, please e-mail me with the subject "CORRUPTION" in the subject, and just tell me the OS you're running (Vista, XP, Leopard, etc.) and which browser you're using to view the website on (latest version of Firefox, Safari, etc.).
I'll get the hint. And I'll know better than to think that an e-mail titled "CORRUPTION" will be asking me if I'd like to enlarge my penis.
So don't worry, I won't think you're spamming me.

Unless of course you include an offer to enlarge my penis.

Moving on, it was GREAT to see so many of you at Pittsburgh!
The show went very well for me. For once I finished ALL of my commissions before the show was over.
I even got a chance to walk around for a couple of hours and buy some art by Josh Johnson!

The puppet show was a SPECTACULAR mess!
Thanks to everyone who came out to experience the first, last and ONLY GWS puppet show that will ever be produced (unless I can find someone ELSE to stick their hands up Jamie and Hazel's butts).
I tried to write a script for this thing numerous times and just couldn't come up with anything, so we winged it, and I can't improv to save my life.
Special thanks to James Hatton of In His Likeness for being the one entertaining feature of the afternoon.
Oh yeah, and of course PUPPET RIOS!

I feel like there was more... oh yeah, as soon as I hear back from aforementioned Lovely Assistant Wren, I'll let you guys know how the survey went.
Thanks to everyone who put in their bid!

'Til next time!


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