Guten morgen!
Posted May 13, 2008 at 02:01 am

Alright, so I only know enough German for emergencies. ("Ein glas veis vine, bitte," and luckily I don't have to spell it.)
But regardless of my lousy hold on the language, I'll be en route to Germany this afternoon!

I won't be back until the last week of May, but while I'm away the guest strips will play.
My brother is being kind enough to learn how to update my site while I'm gone, so if anything goes wonky, umm, it's all his fault. :D

I was sure to finish up a few more strips before the guest strips start (much to the disaproval of Hazel, of course), so you'll see guest strips popping up at the end of this week rather than throughout the entirety of my trip.
Because that would just be too much.

Oh, and before I left I decided to put out a new wallpaper for you guys. Dance like there's a kitten in your tits, y'all!

McPedro Overload

Dude, I got SOOOOOOO many good guest strips.
There was simply no way I could keep from sharing a good twenty-some strips, so you're getting all of 'em.

These three were perfect to start off the guest strip extravaganza, so please enjoy Mike Alonso (you know him as Tanikitsune), Dern Gendron, and David Davis.

I had a VERY hard time picking my five favorites for the following week, but here's the list!
Mon: Wes Molebash of You'll Have That
Tues: Jamaica D of Weird Fishes
Weds: Jeff Zugale of Just A Bit Off...
Thurs: Kevin Freeman & Stan Yan of Subculture
Fri: Jeff Schuetze of

After the guest week is over there will be one more big installment of guest comics - and believe me, you don't want to miss some of these gems! - as soon as I get home, either Sunday or Monday, May 25th or 26th.

Thanks to everyone who participated! And please, by all means, visit the websites of some of these geniuses. They kinda blow me away.


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