Feeling mucho love.
Posted May 27, 2008 at 02:01 am

Duuuuude, Jamie and Hazel got a cameo in Least I Could Do yesterday.
I love that Jamie looks like she's kinda considering it. Thanks, Lar, that made me super happy!

(You guys ARE already reading LICD, right?)

Also, if you dig CuteOverload.com, you may have already noticed that my Jamie-Kitty-Titty strip was featured yesterday as well. Such love!

Hope you guys enjoy today's color strip.
I was working on it all night, thus effing up my new "wake up at 8:00" schedule that I thought I'd be able to keep from the time change in Europe.
But I wanted to give you guys something special after such a long haitus from the strip. Hope this makes up for it a little. :)


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