Crotch stars!
Posted July 8, 2008 at 02:01 am

I was thrilled to find that Birdie of Super Fight Fight did a little homage to Hazel's crotch stars in yesterday's comic!

Likewise, the guys from Save Hiatus snuck some crotch stars into their comic, and Capes -N- Babes is planning to make a subtle reference this week, as well.
As my friend Chris from Jersey says, "AH, comradery!"

If you haven't checked out these guys' comics, you should. They're top-notch, and not just because they love crotch stars.
They're actually good cartoonists.

Oh hey, and by all means PLEASE feel free to send in Tyler-inspired drinks for the Drink-O-Rama Contest!
I'd love to have a few non-alcoholic drinks in the book.

Likewise, I completely forgot that I'll need an official Slingshot, the Drink.
If you're feeling bold, please submit a pink knock-you-on-your-ass shot kinda like the one in this strip. Good luck!

PS. Anyone coming to Toronto for this weekend's kick-ass Paradise Toronto Comic Con?? I hope you are!!


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