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Posted August 27, 2008 at 02:01 am

Hello! It's me. I'm going to be at the CGS Super Show this weekend. Will you?

If so, and if you'd like to get a sketch, I'm taking preorders for 10 lucky people who would like to have their sketch FINISHED by the time they see me this weekend.
This means I can take more time on your sketch here at my studio, and you don't have to wait all weekend to get it!

I only have four people on the list so far, so if you're interested in doing this, please e-mail me at with the subject "CGS SKETCH" and let me know what kind of sketch you'd like.
I'll be doing my regular prices, $40 for black & white with greys, and $80 for full color.

Either way, I hope to see some of you there this weekend!
I'll be at the Third & Spruce party Friday night, too, so if you see me, please say hello!

Of equal importance...

You may have noticed that some of your favorite webcomickers are sending out cross-promo love to one another. That's right, love. Big, fat love.

I'd like to share a few comics that I adore and think you'd really enjoy (assuming you read GWS because you like it, and not because someone has a gun to your head):
Questionable Content For those of you who love witty banter, indy bands, witty banter, and cute chicks. Witty ones.

Something Positive For those of you who love offensive humor. Read the first strip and fall in love.

Shortpacked It's about a toy store, and it's funny and cute. It's... what are the kids saying today? Full of win.

Just A Bit Off Autobio fun stuff by the maker of my favorite GWS guest strip. Stellar.

Anders Loves Maria NSFW. Boobs and wang. And BEAUTIFUL art. And boobs. And wang.

Ugly Hill Totally underappreciated strip. Great colors and character design, and really fun story.

F Chords Did you know that Starslip guy is doing a new strip that's not sci-fi? Music jokes!

Wondermark One of those cut-and-paste comics, only really effing smart.

Liz Greenfield's Fancy Circumstances In case you thought Stuff Sucks was over, Liz is still making sexy art in a more autobio format.

The first four I have a strong feeling you'll like if you're into GWS. Anders Loves Maria is just beautiful, and full of great sex jokes.
Ugly Hill and F Chords deserve WAY more attention, and Wondermark and Liz Greenfield are my non-traditional faves.

May you find true webcomics love with one or many.


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