CBR Interview
Posted September 11, 2008 at 02:01 am

Favorite interview to date!
Got some great questions from Alex! This interview includes:
A brief insight into just how autobio Hazel is.
The actual inspiration behind Clarice.
The writing process.
How to diversify your characters.
Future plans for GWS.
Reasons why the drink book is taking so damn long.
How I landed the Bat Boy gig.
My comic faves.
My in-progress graphic novel.
Why I'm not distributed by Diamond.
Why I love Twitter.

Favorite dumb quote:

[Clarice's] night job was a fun twist ... I'm not going to give it away; if you haven't read it yet, hit the archives and jump to the stripclub story."

I'm so glad I didn't "give it away."

GWS Books!

Just a quick update on books, finally! All 13 boxes were delivered safe & sound yesterday, and I'll start signing & sketching today.

I'll let you know which transactions (by date) have been shipped as soon as they're in the mail!
Thanks for your patience, and I hope McPedro in a thong is worth the wait.


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