Quiet on the set.
Posted September 23, 2008 at 02:01 am

Sorry I've been so quiet down here! I do have an announcement to make:
It is this weekend. I will be there. Will you?

Here's the website.

If you happen to see me there (with McPedro and Assistant Katie), I'm running a special deal for Baltimore:
if you sign up for a sketch, you can either take a free button pack, or buy the GWS book for $14 instead of $17.
You just have to mention it (this is your gift for reading my silly blog posts!).

Also, if you ask, Assistant Katie will do a "retarded cat" sketch for you!
Katie was actually the inspiration behind Hazel's nutty hypoallergenic kitty. Well, Katie's sketches, not Katie herself.
Assistant Katie is actually one smart cat.

This may be the only time you can get Katie to draw you an air-headed kitty, so get on it!

Also, did you know that if you purchased a GWS book in August or September, you'll see it soon?
Because I've finally sent off all of them. Check your mailboxes!!


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