Happy Birthday GWS!
Posted October 1, 2008 at 02:01 am

Embarrassingly, *I* forgot that yesterday was GWS's birthday! Happy birthday to us, and to you readers. :)

GWS debuted four years ago at SPX.
Which brings me to my next point; who's going to SPX this weekend? Raise 'em higher...

I'll be sitting between Pete Stathis and Damon Hurd this year.
Please come find me! I'll be doing sketches and selling & signing books and buttons.

McPedro probably won't have room, so be on the lookout for a chick with really long brownish hair and GWS books in front of her.
Kind of like this:

Only with less Suicide Girls and more Assistant Katie (cute chick at far right). Stop by and say hello!


Monsieur Moustache is still on the loose!
He's at Stephanie McMillan's Minimum Security today. Look hard...

Off to SPX!!


First, a few Monsieur Moustache sightings:
Monsieur Moustache in Laugh Out Loud Cats!
Monsieur Moustache in Super Fight Fight!
And Moustache in Allen Harris's Hazel & Jamie fanart!

Also, thanks to everyone who stopped by at SPX! It was a blast and I am SO HAPPY CON SEASON IS OVER!!

My last comics-related appearance this year will be at the Wild Pig 50% off sale in Kenilworth, New Jersey on November 1st & 2nd.
It's always a good time and a GREAT deal, so please stop by if you can! I'll be selling books & sketches as usual.

Pixel perfect.

Did you guys see this?
Webcomic legend Rich Stevens is offering really nifty pixel portraits on his Diesel Sweeties website now!
Soooooo cool!


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