Posted November 19, 2008 at 02:01 am

In addition to this being strip #600 (sorry, I get excited over the hundreds), GWS tee shirts are finally available!!

The McPedro Mustache and "Buy Me A Drink" shirts are available, pluse the much-anticipated official Confident Pussy Club "Happy Vagina" shirts!

And PROFESSIONALS are taking care of everything this time, woohoo!

If you know someone who would wear a mustache/vagina on their shirtwith pride, please do consider getting them a tee for Christmas this year.
They are very very special people.

Long Islands

A quick special "thank you" to Jimmy Aquino of Comic New Insider for once again being my official alcohol connoisseur.
I needed a little helpe with Clarice's drink - I'm not normally a "top shelf" kind of girl!


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