As quiet as winter.
Posted December 2, 2008 at 02:01 am

There have been two things down here "below the fold" that I've wanted to change for awhile.
One, I've been SUPER quiet.
Two, when I DO make a blog post, it's usually about "what's on sale" or "lookit the new wallpaper image," etc. etc.
I haven't just set back to shoot the shit on this blog in AGES.

And now that I have nothing new to sell you, I thought it'd be the perfect time to catch you up on my non-GWS life.

First of all, have I told you guys about my amazing new car?

As a few Canadians know, my baby Meredith broke down for the last time when Assistant Katie and I entered the city limits of Toronto for the Paradise show this past summer.
So when I got home, I started checking out new cars. I've never ever had a new car.
After going from an '89 minivan to my '93 wagon, I wanted something slim, safe, affordable, and cute (c'mon, I'm a girl) that would get killer gas mileage. I hit the Internet for stats.

I decided to check out the Fit, the Yaris and the Versa.
The car also had to fit my convention gear, including McPedro. So naturally, I brought my little green friend to join me on my test drives.

To my delight, McPedro fit in all of the cars, including my top pick, the Fit. Unfortunately, I did not fit in the Fit.
It's sort of made for tall people, and I'm far from tall.
Huge bummer, 'cause I hear nothing but good things about this car.

Luckily a Toyota salesman told me not to bother with the Yaris, and instead to check out the new Scion xD. DEFINITELY meets my "cute" requirement.
After a test drive, I was intrigued. Great mileage, plenty of space, and the 'Net ensured me that it was safe. Sold.

Not a photo of my actual car, but it looks just like this. Threw McPedro in for reference. It's a big small car!

If you've ever gone from a clunker to brand-new, you understand how much of a change this has made in my life.
I used to cross my fingers and hold my breath when I had to drive somewhere, because there was no telling whether I'd make it or not.
While I loved ol' Mer, she'd gotten to the point where the hood had to be held on with hood pins.
My startup routine was to ignite the engine, punch the gear shift one time (at which point the gears would light up), and wait one minute in park until she stopped shaking like a massage chair.
My mechanic's secretary could recognize my voice over the phone.
If ever there were "regulars" at a car mechanic's, I was definitely one of them.

Come to think of it, I'm really gonna miss my mechanic.

From now on, I won't have to plot friends' houses along the way in case my car stops running en route to a convention, and that's a wonderful feeling.

(And now that I've ranted about my car for an hour, I guess I'll end it here and return with more thrilling news about my exciting life later!)

Hey, by the way - and if you've gotten this far, you deserve to be the first to hear this - I'm finally getting an RSS feed for the comic.
For now, it's only going to be a link to the website - not a feed with JUST the comic, as I can't afford the loss in ad revenue - but it's a start!
I may start trolling for RSS help soon, so techies, I hope you're reading!


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