QUICKIE! (Including apologies!)
Posted June 16, 2005 at 02:01 am

Oh man, I'm tired!

Sorry for the lack of GWS above, boys & gals. I just got home from New York and now I've gotta jet to do caricatures until 4:30 am.
And all I want is a nap!!

GWS will be updated on Thursday on-schedule - sorry for the delay, but I'm swamped with work!

Oh, also... if you live in New York and I didn't get to see you (or just didn't get to see you long enough), please forgive me, I was either inside doing work or outside visiting other friends all week and I couldn't squeeze everyone in!

And to wrap up a bigger, broader apology, thank you to everyone who has sent me encouraging e-mails, and I swear to you that I HAVE read them! I'm just way behind in responding to them, and that includes e-mails from over a month ago!
Even if I can't reply to everyone who has something nice to say about GWS, your letters are what keeps GWS going (today excluded!!).
Thank you so much for the encouragement. You guys are the reason I do this.

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