Webcomics Weekend! and more
Posted March 20, 2009 at 02:01 am

I got tingles drawing this strip. :)

I hope to see a bunch of you this weekend in Massachusetts!
If you're in town but couldn't register in time, feel free to hang out with us Friday night in Easthampton.
I'll try to tweet my location whenever possible (although depending on how I'm feeling, it may be "hotel bed, flannel pants with a cup of tea and a box of oranges").

So what can you expect from me this weekend? First, I'll be doing $10 mini-sketches and selling GWS Books One & Two ($20 for one or $35 for both books).
I'll also be drawing Monday's strip live on Saturday afternoon/evening in Room B alongside other aritsts. Come watch us draw!

As mentioned, the original inks for Volume 2 will be available for sale as well as the three GWS paintings that hang above my mantel, for those of you with deep pockets.
For those of you with pockets as shallow as mine, window shopping is always free. ;)

ALSO: the good webcartoonists at Eastworks have been shelling out the dough for this event from their own pockets.
There will be a donation jar to help cover the costs of this little convention; please consider donating a chunk of your spending change to them for their time & trouble!
They've been working super-hard to get this thing together in less than a month.

There will also be a charity drive for Kiva (which is an awesome service - read about it!) and to repair the local bike path.
This lovely piece will be up for auction to benefit said causes:

One last thing, at the risk of being totally unmodest: Monday is my birthday, and I'm going to spend the entire day driving back from Massachusetts.
I would LOVE it if someone would bring a burned CD with their favorite music on it for me.
It would be the greatest gift ever for someone who's spending her birthday on the road for 8 hours. Umm, just sayin'!

Can't wait to meet you all this weekend!


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