Why hello!
Posted April 4, 2009 at 02:01 am

It's been a busy month.

Thanks so much to everyone I got to meet the past few weeks, at NYCC, Staple!, in Dallas, at NEWW, the sale at Wild Pig in Jersey, and Seattle last weekend.
I've had a blast, and I hope you have too!

I enjoyed my crazy March schedule, but I'm spent!
I'm staying home for the next several months, working on new merchandise and a snazzy new website (RSS, yes please), as well as a new run of books one and two.
In fact, I'll be sending the final PDFs of Volumes One & Two to a "real" printer this week, and we'll have them available again (finally) by early May.
No more waiting for print-on-demand - they'll all be in my garage. All 3,000 of them. *gulp!*

So if you want books, you'll have them. If you want a feed, you'll have it. If you want an easier way to order original GWS art, you'll have it.
You'll even have a nicer-looking website and a better story archive (which I updated so that I could say that without shame!), and better ads.
It's all coming.

Until then, just enjoy the strip. Especially that last panel! (Word to my lesbians!)


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