Case of the Mondays
Posted October 18, 2004 at 02:01 am

Y'know, each of these strips takes me an average of 4 hours to complete, from start to finish (this applies to the Ramblers strips as well).
But starting them at 1 in the morning doesn't help me keep up to the "weekend" update deadline.
Sorry 'bout that, guys!

Good news - the ISG guys posted my next Halloween strip!
Knock yourself out.

About that "new working schedule" I was talking about... I'm finally EMPLOYED again.
I started working at the local paper (the Martinsburg Journal) last Wednesday.
I can't really give myself a title - they hired me to scan and color-correct photos, but I'm going to be stepping in for a photographer who's leaving for a few months, and they ran one of my editorial cartoons in today's paper.
So let's just say I'm a "paid employee."
Although I sincerely enjoy the job, the "paid" part is really all that matters.
I owe my roommate bill money from September!

There'll be more goodies up here throughout the week, so stop by when you can!
I'll get the editorial cartoon up here as soon as I can.

Oh, PS. My schedule is as follows: Wed-Fri mornings, Sat-Sun afternoon through evening.
Which means I don't get weekends of, which blows... but which also means I get to sleep in this morning 'cause I have the day off! WOOHOO!

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