Oh, the DRAMA!!
Posted August 3, 2005 at 02:01 am

Told you there's more to this arc than just undies. ;)

I have some really cool news I've been keeping from y'all lately that I think I'd finally like to share. But first...

I have yet another big favor to ask my favoritest people in the whole wide world (yes, that'd be you guys and gals): anybody use Verizon?

I'm on a family plan with... well, with my family, because in case you haven't checked the rates for cell phone services lately, it's RIDICULOUSLY expensive for just one person to be on a plan.

We recently switched from Sprint to Verizon. Which means I had to get a new phone.
Which means I had to DITCH my beautiful, three-pound brick of a phone that I used when we had Sprint...

... to swap with a new Verizon-friendly phone...

Now, I realize MOST people would be RELIEVED to get rid of their clunky old phone (which, at the time, was miraculously tiny compared to our old pack phone!).
However, I'm going NUTS with this new phone. I absolutely hate it. I can't wedge it between my shoulder and my ear.
I can't hear people as well. I can't pick a cool background.
I can't... I can't... I can't FRICKIN' FIND it! ... oh, there it is.

Well, more importantly, I can't USE it. I mean, I CAN, but it's far less danielle-friendly than my old clunky Sprint one.
The biggest complaint I have is that I can't seem to turn off ALL of the sounds - ringer, voice mail notification, etc. - with just one button.
If I go into a quiet restaurant or a movie theather, I'll have to sit and turn off each sound, one by one, first.
THAT, and I have to type in a password in order to check my damn messages! What's WITH that?!
I don't have anything to hide! Why would I care if someone could check my messages?!
I lead a far less interesting life than most would like to think! There's NOTHING they could find on my cell messages that could POSSIBLY excite them!!

*pant pant*

Right. So where do you guys come in? Two questions for fellow Verizon users:

Does anybody have this phone and know how to change the above probs?
If this phone is a certified piece o' crap, is there a BETTER Verizon phone you could suggest that I could trade this in for?

Alright, thanks guys. E-mail me if you've got any bright ideas.


What's that? OH, right. I promised you some gossip. First, a riddle.

What starts with "M" and ends in "ARVEL?"


The news is that I've been inking a Marvel book for the past few weeks. Wanna know which one?

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