Updates and books!
Posted May 6, 2009 at 02:01 am

Go figure, I leave town for a week and have a friend update the comic every night, and the moment I get home I get sick and miss an update. Ugh.
Sorry folks!

So for those who were wondering, this is Friday's strip.
It's an important one that attempts to answer the big question on many readers' minds (I am reading your e-mails and tweets!), as well as Hazel's: "I thought Jamie wasn't a lesbian!"

Keep those e-mails coming! This will be a tricky topic to cover in just five strips per week, but I hope it'll make sense.

For those of you who purchased GWS books, the shipment will be here this weekend!
I'll be keeping you posted as to which orders have been shipped out.
The info will be printed just below the image of the books above; see?

Also, check out my guest strip at Subculture on Monday! It's in color!


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