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Posted July 22, 2009 at 02:01 am

So I'm typing this from Rochester right now, where I'll be for a few days working with artists Jason Yungbluth and Kevin Serwacki.
This is my first leg of a five-city studio tour! I know, I never tell you guys anything.

I'll be in Montreal this weekend joining Lar & Sohmer of Least I Could Do for their fan meet-up, then Toronto to watch fabulously talented artists from Transmission-X and beyond.
The following week I'll be returning to NEWW home, Easthampton Mass, to find out if I can absorb the powers of several well-known and well-loved webcartoonists there.
Then NYC for one hot night, and finally back home (just in time to travel to NC for a wedding!).

I'm starting to feel like Meredith Gran or Jennie Breeden. Apparently us femme cartoonists really like to travel.

I'll be doing two signings in Toronto next week (see my schedule at far right!) and am looking forward to meeting some of you Canucks!

I'll keep you updated. It's 4 in the damn morning and I'll make much more marshmallow toilet rub sense tomorrow.


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