Posted September 29, 2009 at 02:01 am

Hey guys and gals! This has literally been The Busiest Week Of My Life, so thank you for hanging in there while the strips are gone.
I honestly can't wait to get back to a daily strip next week! I miss it!

Sooooo here's what I've been up to. First, I've been training my FABULOUS new assistant, Jessi.
Look, we took a picture. In my studio. SHE'S REAL, FOLKS.

She packaged up all of the original GWS strips we sold last week TODAY, and they're going out TOMORROW.
There's no way I could have done all of this. She's packing up belated (sorry!) Volume 1&2 sales tomorrow, and Etsy sales the next day.
She is officially the "Muscle" of GWS.

So if you see her at a convention (perhaps this weekend at Baltimore), and you like having your GWS merchandise shipped on-time, you should really thank her. :)

Also, this Volume 3 cover has been KILLING ME!! But I think I've finally come up with a decent solution:

It's just the most recent draft, but it's something! Thanks to all the Twitter people who offered their advice; this was practically a colaborative project thanks to you guys!

And hey, do you guys know about Super Art Fight in Baltimore this Friday?
I'm going to be drawing against people all night! That's right, someone is going to feel the wrath of MY PEN.
You should totally come out and cheer us on. Lar DeSouza will be battling, too!

We'll be at The Metro Gallery starting at 9 pm (doors open at 8, tix are $10).

Apparently this douchebag thinks he's going to be kicking my partner Jamie's ass.
OH HE THINKS HE IS SO FUNNY. Look. This guy draws fuckin' BASSET HOUNDS all day. I think we have a clear winner, folks.

Come watch us play, and find out what big basset tears look like! YOU ARE GOING DOWN BRIAN.


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