Posted November 10, 2005 at 02:01 am

Actually, M.I.I.: Missing in INaction. I've been stuck in my office (bedroom) AAAAAAAALL week.

Big apologies to everyone I've brushed off the past few weeks; I'm finally cracking down on Crazy Papers (Pulse interview coming soon, with sneak previews!) and have been prepping for this week's Big Apple Con in New York.

What's that? I FORGOT to tell you about the Big Apple show??

Here's the most important detail about this show: CARRIE FISHER is going to be there! *droooool!*

Actually, it's a HUGE show with a LOT of big names; check out the website (and turn down your speakers immediately - some idiot decided to mix two terrible MIDI tunes for the home page!) and take a gander at the big-name comics and movie/entertainment guests!

I'll be set up, although I'll have very little to sell.
I'll just be doing sketches (as always!) in hopes that I can make enough money to pay for the train ride back.
If you're going to be at the show, be sure to keep an eye out for me!
(And if you know anybody who's going to the show, please direct them and their money to the starving artist in the comics creators area!)

In more news, Hazel and Jamie's MySpace page has received massive attention!
They had more "friends" in two days than I'd gotten in a few weeks!
They already have their own personal "creepy stalker," they've been granted "friendship vibrators" (thank you, Sam!), and Jamie's been tickled pink over all the compliments she and her *ahem* melons have received.

There has also been interest in Hazel's column.
She may be doing something about that in the next few days... after all, the girls are coming with me to New York, and they do have bars up there...

And speaking of which, to wrap up the New York notice, I'll be gone from Wednesday to Monday.
While I'm up there I'll be busy with meetings and, of course, the show itself.
So although I'll have my laptop with me, there will be little time for me to respond to e-mails and update the ol' website.
I WILL make every effort to keep GWS on time, however, so keep on readin'!

Hopefully after I get back from all the meetings and mayhem, I'll have news that will make you GWS followers VERY happy. Stay "tooned!"

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