Did you know...
Posted November 24, 2005 at 02:01 am

The entire city of New York is in fact NOT connected to wireless Internet.

I'm not sure what made me believe that you can get 'net access anywhere in the city, but I was sorely mistaken.
Which is why there was no new GWS last Thursday. Major apologies, ladies and gents!

On another note...

I am, for the fourth time in three months, sick as a dog. I almost didn't attend the last day of the convention.
Thus, I can't crack out a strip for today, either. But I DO have two guest strips that I think will make up for the lack of updates, at least temporarily.

The first strip is by my pal Aimee, who ultimately surprised me with the original at the Big Apple Con this past week!

The second is a strip by my good friend and fellow webcomicker, James Hatton of In His Likeness.
I've been holding on to this one for a rainy day.

Special thanks to both James and Aimee for saving my ass.

Just in case you were wondering, I will make up for at least today's strip on Thursday (assuming I'm not DEAD by then).

And as for the show? Well, I missed Carrie Fisher by about five minutes and forty bucks, but I knocked out some of my best con sketches thus far!
So I'll be sharing those with you guys shortly.
And of course, I'll provide the coveted "travelogue" soon as well, complete with crude commentary as always!

Like I said, I'll make it all up to you guys. Just gimme a few days...

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