Birthdays and Where Do I Go From Here?
Posted March 24, 2014 at 01:25 am

Hey! Do you know a thing or two about the area between Denver, CO and Portland, OR?

Or Lubbuck, TX?

Or New Orleans?

I could use your help!

During my tour this summer, I've got five days to get from Denver to Portland. I've got two days to get from Albuquerque to Dallas. And I've got a couple of days in or around New Orleans.

I'd like to know where to host more signings, and I'll need your advice to pick those places. :)

Denver to Portland: Between Denver and Portland, I'd like to schedule signings in Salt Lake City and Boise, but aside from those two cities, I have no plans. I'd love to see some beautiful places in between without venturing too far from the path. Any recommendations? Would Boulder be a place people might want me to sign?

Albuquerque to Dallas: If I have to drive the ten hours straight, I'm gonna go insane. Lubbock, I've heard some peeps from you; would you really like it if I hosted a signing in your 'hood? Are there any other mid-trip requests? Let your opinion be known in the comments!

New Orleans: I'll be staying with friends in Lafayette, LA during the week of August 3rd. That's not too far from New Orleans! But I don't know a lick about New Orleans, nor do I know whether there's a demand or not. New O, would you like me to host a signing in your town, or should I skip it and relax in a rice field before I head off to Boston Comic Con?

I'd love to hear you speak back at me in the comments section below! Let your opinions rip! 


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