You can bitch to me about pseudo-cliffhangers in person in Frederick tonight!
Posted March 21, 2014 at 12:22 am

This isn't really a cliffhanger, right? Besides, you got all this sweet comics real estate today, thanks to the help of my colorist again, so you can't be THAT upset!

But if you are, then you can come out to Art'iques Gallery tonight from 6-9 for our little opening and bitch to me in person!

Just kidding, don't bitch to me in person. I'm exhausted and I've been described as "feisty" more than once. But do come and visit, we'd love to see you. :)

So, next week we won't have regular comic updates. Instead, I'll be asking you questions pertaining to my cross-country summer tour so that I can do everything JUST RIGHT, and then I'll be flying out to ECCC in Seattle to join my Con Husband Randy at booth #1312 to see you northwest folks and rub Randy's beard all day. It'll be a pretty exhausting week!

OH and it's my birthday on Sunday! So you have to forgive me for taking a week off, because what kind of jerk makes someone they like work on their birthday? A big ugly jerk, that's right.

In fact, this is both my AND Rafer's birthday weekend, and we'll both be showing our original comics pages in Frederick tonight, so just come out and say hi to us for goodness' sake. I hear there'll be food.

See, NOW you wanna come.


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