Choose Your Own Guest Comic Artist!
Posted March 25, 2014 at 10:32 pm

The majority of this crowdfunding campaign I'm planning to run will go toward guest artists to keep the site fresh while I'm away over the summer! I'm aiming to pay each artist $100 per strip, and have most (if not all) artists create a full week's worth of strips. 

Have an artist in mind for the guest strips? List their name & comic in the comments below! (And yes, you may promote yourself! Just bear in mind that I'm looking for quality artwork and funny, clear writing. I'm going to be PICKY this time!)

I'll tell you right now, these guys are on my radar:

If any of these artists strike your fancy, or if you have some to add, bring it up in the comments section! I'll ultimtely be making the final call, but my ears are open for your recommendations. :)

(I'm sorry to those of you who have had troubles with the comments section! Please contact Disqus for help; my e-mail inbox looks like a Thanksgiving dinner made by three overzealous grandmas so PLEASE don't e-mail me your recommendations, they won't be counted!) (Which is to say I'll lose them!!)


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