Emerald City Comic Con this weekend!
Posted March 27, 2014 at 12:48 am

Seattle! I’m in your city eating your food and probably drinking your drinks. 

I’ll be at Emerald City Comic Con tomorrow with my Con Husband Randy of Something*Positive at booth #1312, right near Blind Ferret! Look at this shiz:


We’re flanked by such greatness as Cyanide & Happiness, David Willis, Joel Watson, Jennie Breeden, Blind Ferret, Halfpixel, and even Periscope Studios (hello Erika Moen!)! 

I believe Randy and I are on the OPPOSITE side of the skybridge that we were last year. Basically, walk through the skybridge with BOOM! on your left and TopatoCo on your right, go into the big room to about the center, turn LEFT and walk nearly to the wall. When you find the man who looks like a hobo (I’m sorry, Randy, you can get me back for all of this by farting in the room later), stop and give him money, then ask him where the little girl who looks like a boy is. That’ll be me.

I’ll be doing COMMISSIONS for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS, but I’ll only have TWELVE SLOTS available! They’ll be $50 each and are in black & white with grey markers. Sign up early if you really want one! I will NOT be taking these home, so please only sign up if you will be able to come pick it up once it’s finished! :)

Also I’ll be in a panel with Jennie Breeden and Shaenon Garrity called The Wit and Wisdom of Webcomics at 1:40 Friday afternoon in Hall D. Hope to see you there!


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