Guest strip by IMoG Comics!
Posted May 23, 2013 at 01:29 am

Surprise surprise, we're starting guest strips early!

I felt yesterday's strip was a good stopping point for this arc, and didn't want to start a new story today, just before I leave for a week. 

Well, on second thought, I guess I mean to say that the above guest strip is a good stopping point for this arc. :)

Please give it up for IMoG Comics, which consists of Brad Atherton and Louie Kowalski of Daisy Chain, for today's slightly impromptu strip!

In case you were wondering why it was so difficult for Hazel to find an air pump... well, now you know.
By the way, in case this week's blog seemed a bit wonky, we've stopped adding a news post for each new strip; I think it's a bit easier to follow just one blog entry at the bottom. Sorry for any confusion!

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