Guest Strip Week by Bill Ellis and Dani O'Brien!
Posted August 4, 2014 at 01:08 am

I know some of you have been jonesing for a Romance Detective story. If that's you, you can thank Bill and Dani. :)

If you've been reading GWS for awhile, you may remember Hazel's cousin Robyn. Robyn happens to be one of the main characters from the webcomic All New Issues, which is currently on hiatus, and is drawn by Bill Ellis and written by Dani O'Brien. Please welcome them as our guest creators for the week!

And hey, Austin! I'll be in you today (Monday) from 3-6! I got the times wrong earlier; I hope that doesn't botch plans for anyone! If enough people want me to stay until 7, I will! We'll be at Dragon's Lair, the same place we hold Webcomics Rampage every December. Come by and say hello!

I'll be at Boston Comic Con this weekend, at booth C908, with a panel on Friday at 4:00. Hope to see you New Englandahs there! (Yes I'm totally eating a lobster once I arrive.)

About Bill and Dani:

We are Dani O'Brien and Bill Ellis, the creative team behind the webcomic All New Issues. I'm the writer and Bill is the artist. 

All New Issues is a webcomic we did for a few years about the misadventures of a group of friends in their twenties, who hang out and work in a comic book store. It's a slice of life strip, with the occasional pop culture reference. 

(At the moment we are taking a long hiatus from the strip. Life has gotten in the way of our comic making, but we are hoping to continue next year.)



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