Fan Service!
Posted March 8, 2011 at 02:01 am
I am writing to you from the past (not as impressive as the future, I know, hear me out) because I'm setting (or rather, I did set) all of the comics to auto-update while I'm in Seattle. Look at that, it's kind of like having a buffer!

Today's strip is just fan service. I asked Twitter what Twitter wanted me to write about, and aside from boobs and lesbian makeouts, the majority of the replies included "McPedro" and "kitties."

Add to this fact my own kitty licking her butt on my drawing board, and here you have a strip.

Regular updates will most likely start either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, as I won't get home until late late late Tuesday night, so bear with me!

Also, I'm pretty sure I'll want to say something like "Thank you everyone who came out to see me in Seattle this past weekend! You were all really wonderful, except for that one creepy guy!"

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