Crafty McPedro! Jersey! Sexed-up Halloween!
Posted October 26, 2011 at 02:01 am
Hey Jersey! Did you know I'll be in you this weekend? Bend over, it's time for another Wild Pig con! Postal Service willing, I'll have books and McPedros for you. :)

Speaking of McPedro, my pal Lauren has put together a fabulous new gift item at the GWS Etsy shop: cross-stitch McPedro, anyone?

Ach, stitch this up yehr stitch-hole!

If you're more the DIY-type, there are also full McPedro cross-stitch kits, or if you're REALLY DIY, you can just do it all from scratch.

And now: sexy costumes. I feel obligated to point out that no matter how feisty or curmudgeony I am, I fucking love ridiculous sexy costumes on Halloween. But only ridiculous ones. Like Sexy Burt & Ernie. So, now you know where I stand on that topic.

Hope y'all had a fantastic Halloween!

**Edit! Apparently it's "Bert" and not "Burt." God dammit, Mister Reynolds, you have fooled me. (I'll fix it later; it's kind of a bitch to replace files!)

Also, if they don't end up explaining them in the comic, remind me next week and I'll give you a run-down of everyone's costumes!

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