How-- do lesbians-- ??
Posted February 8, 2012 at 02:01 am
This seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce you to Girlfuck by Erika Moen. NSFW! That means Fun For The Home Office!

Erika is a good friend of mine who I greatly admire, both in her art and her excellent storytelling as well as her contagious sex-positive attitude. I got to know (and love!) her strip DAR way back when, and now she's doing this strip called Bucko, in case you didn't know! It's written by Jeff Parker and I believe they just wrapped it up, so you can read the whole damn thing from the beginning!

Anyway, Girlfuck is this fantastic educational pamphlet on lesbian sex (though it certainly crosses over for the straights!) and she shares a rather clever use for latex gloves that I absolutely LOVE! Enjoy!

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