PHD: Piled Higher and Deeper
Posted April 24, 2012 at 04:52 am
If you're a grad student, or have been one in the past several years, I probably don't have to introduce you to PHD Comics. This is probably old news to you.

If you're not familiar with PHD Comics, click the link and get cozy with a cup of Ramen! Jorge's strip is entirely too true to academia (or, at least, what I've heard of it), in all of the best and worst ways.

And... he made a movie!

I just watched The PHD Movie, and I have to tell you, I loved it. From a technical standpoint, I rarely see independent low-budge comedy films get their pacing and direction just right; the comedic timing in this movie is perfect, the visual storytelling is beautiful, and the characters and writing are spot-on.

And from a sappy movie-lover standpoint, I just wanna give Cecilia a big hug.

Wanna watch it? Lucky you, Jorge is offering a special to GWS readers. You can get it for 50% off (yeah, hello) if you CLICK THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.

I should warn you that PHD is not the kind of comic that's littered with dildo and eff-bomb jokes. Jorge is one of those rare specimens who can squeeze gut-jiggling humor from jokes that won't make your mom scowl.

So, Mom, you can watch this, I promise.

(Also! If it chokes up every few seconds, turn off the HD! It worked for me!)

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