One-- no! TWO--NO!! THREE THINGS!!
Posted April 25, 2012 at 02:01 am
Hey guys! A few... things.

First of all, I really botched my Canadian the other day. As an American, I assumed that there was nothing further east than Maine. When I said I'd be in "eastern Canada" next week, I meant TCAF in Toronto. My bad! (Do people still say that?)

As an American who's been to Nova Scotia twice, I have no excuse for this.

Also, my short list of Canadian cities "nearby" Calgary was meant as a greeting to people from those areas who will be at the Calgary show this weekend, because I recall LOTS of people making the haul last year!

So, I won't be in Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, or Kamloops this weekend. Just Calgary. But I think people from all of those cities should come join us anyway. Because, come on, Star Trek.

Second of all, the guest strips are in! I'll actually be running one of them on Friday, because good lord I got so many of them (aka I really want to take Friday off). Guys, I received 108 guest strip submissions. If yours was one of them, THANK YOU!! I'm going to have a very hard time picking just 6 from the pack, so I may actually put up 8 or 10, including them on weekends and still returning to regular GWS strips on May 7th as planned.

Would y'all enjoy that? Let me know!

Third: guys, Lar made me and Jeph a McPintsize. Look. LOOK.


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