This site is blocked, y'all!
Posted August 30, 2012 at 02:51 am
This site isn't actually blocked, it's all good now. But boy, I'm sorry for the inconvenience over the weekend!

I guess some mouthbreather got bored last Friday and hacked into not only my site, but several sites hosted by Blind Ferret. Rest assured that a) this was a pretty weird occurrence and b) our tech guy at BF worked very hard all weekend to fix the problem. He's cleared my site as clean, so if you're still getting a malware warning from Google, it's because it takes some time for the warning to clear, because Google is like a protective mama bear to your baby bear of a browser.

But yeah, as far as we can tell, my site is clean and safe to browse.

Thanks very much for all of your patience and concerns with this problem! My inbox and Twitter feed were all full with messages all weekend, so if you didn't get a response, rest assured I appreciated the notifications; I just couldn't possibly respond to all of them!

Tonight's update may be going up around 2 am or it may be going up around 10 am, I'm not sure, so hold tight while we get things back to normal. Thanks again, guys!

PS. As a PSA, if you haven't already, please make sure your antivirus software is up-to-date! Or, y'know, do all of your browsing on an iPad forever.

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