Sex Nerd Heaven
Posted February 6, 2013 at 02:01 am
While I was in LA a few weeks ago, a pal of mine managed to get me in touch with Sex Nerd Sandra,  the sex-savvy lady behind the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast, hosted by Nerdist. This happens to be one of my favorite podcasts (only other one being MBMBAM), which gets me through long  grueling hours of coloring GWS strips (yes, I know, oh woe is me I have to color comics filled with dildos and hot men dressed as Santa Claus, woooeee).

She kindly invited me to be on the show, and I had a little wet-dream evening of chatting with her and her absolutely charming co-host Dave (to the) Ross about sex, writing, polyamory, and smoochin'.

So, fair warning: if you listen to this, you'll know more about my personal life than you wanted to (perhaps not as much as #TMITuesday, but it'll arm you with all the intimate details that flesh out my TMI tweets).

Click here, or click on this adorable photo of Sandra and I (she's so cute! And tiny!), to listen to the podcast and hear me nervously say the word "like" so many times you'll think I've switched my age from 31 to 13. Enjoy!

2013 02 07 Sex Nerd Sandra


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