Posted July 29, 2013 at 12:32 am

Like Duck Duck Goose? Get it?

Anyway... I have so many sex goodies for y'all. C'mere, check these out:

Jimmyjane 25% off exclusive

As promised!  Jimmyjane wants to give us a special coupon code, since I was a dummy and forgot to blog about their summer sale until the last minute. I know, rigtht? They're the best. <3

For JUST THE NEXT THREE DAYS (until the very tippy top of August), type in GWSSUMMER2013 at checkout and you'll get 25% off your entire order! 

So, for instance, if you want the Form 2, which I've reviewed in the past* and frequently refer to as "my best friend," it'll be knocked down from $145 to $109, which is much closer to that ridiculous $100 limit you put on your sex toy budget for no good reason.

Also, not sure if I've ever shared this with you before, BUT: 

  • Do you like Jamie Hewlett? (YES.)
  • Do you like limited edition vibrators? (DUH.)

Here is a set of limited edition Jamie Hewlett vibrators. You're welcome and I love you too.

Anyway, sale ends at midnight this Wednesday, so get ooonnnnnnn that shit!


Boinkology interview!

Haaaaay speaking of sex! 

Boinkology did an interview with me the other day, asking about all the sexy sex that kinda happens but never actually happens in GWS. And sexual orientation, and inflatable dongs, and feminism as a label.

If you have any other sex-questions, feel free to ask 'em in the comments. :)


*Apparently there was some weirdness when moving the GWS site, because I can't find the bloody thing! I've sent me excellent tech out to hunt it down. Needless to say, I gave the toy an A++.


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