Last chance donations for cancer walk today!
Posted October 4, 2013 at 12:02 am

Hey guys, it looks like I'm only $480 short of $3,000 for the Dempsey Challenge, and if I can raise it by 4:00 EST today (Friday), we'll get two tickets to attend a special dinner next weekend hosted by Dr. McDreamy himself! (I just learned who this Patrick Dempsey fellow is, who knew!)

My Aunt Candy has already reached the $3,000 goal; thanks to anyone who helped her make it. :)

As this is a family event for us (my mom, myself, and my aunts & a cousin), we'd really like two more tickets so that several of us can attend. If you're interested in pitching in - it's for a great cause! - we'd love it if you'd donate before 4:00 today! You can click here to donate to my page!

Thanks in advance, guys! If we can bring the funds up to a reasonable amount, I'll see if I can pitch in the last remaining bit to bring it to $3,000.


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