I will never e-mail you back.
Posted October 23, 2013 at 09:57 pm

This is an important message for those of you wonderful, wonderful people who have e-mailed me over the years:

I will never e-mail you back.

I will want to e-mail you back, with all my heart, but I never will. I'm just one cartoonist working for herself, and you are gobs and gobs of delightful people who want to tell me rad stories about how you and your BFF are just like Hazel and Jamie, how you didn't really "get" your asexual friend until you read GWS, or how you'd like to ask me questions about breaking into comics, and all I will want to do is spend an hour apiece writing back to you.

But it will never happen.

I'm writing this blog post as an apology to everyone whose e-mail I'll never reply to. I'm sorry you'll never hear back from me. I love you anyway, and I hope you'll love me anyway.

I'll tell you this, though: I read every e-mail that's sent to me, when I'm in line at the DMV, or waiting for a friend to meet me for dinner, or during those blissful moments when someone else is pumping my gas (I love you New Jersey), and it'll bring a smile to my face and make me feel like writing GWS and sharing it with the world is totally worth my while. (Yes, even the e-mails from you frustrated few who send me harsh and critical letters, because if nothing else, I'll strive to prove you wrong.)

So, thank you for your e-mails (and postcards, and hand-written letters and gifts!), and thanks for your understanding. I'm reading everything you send my way, and someday, when I can clone myself, I'll make a second full-time job out of being pen pals with kind, passionate, talented, creative, interesting people like you, and actually getting around to being on your podcasts and helping you complete your masters theses on visual storytelling, or giving you feedback on your soon-to-be-released webcomic.

Until then, I hope this apology will suffice!

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