ComfyCon II is Comfying Soon!
Posted November 14, 2013 at 01:21 am

Hear ye, hear ye! ComfyCon is fast approaching! Like, Friday. Like, tomorrow.

Randy and I will be cuddling up with our webcams and staring directly at you 4:00 pm EST on Friday - like, again, tomorrow - to welcome you to ComfyCon with an official Opening Ceremony. We'll be posting the URL of the panel on the website later (which doesn't exist yet! Ha! How comfortable of us!), but for the time being, you can just find out where to go by following our Twitter accounts.

We'll also be posting official events and times shortly, so keep an eye on this space, Randy's site, and eventually For the time being, I can assure you that I myself will be online and taking questions Saturday at 2pm, and doing a live draw (like old times!) on Sunday at 1pm. Please note that all times are EST, so adjust your schedule accordingly!

You can also follow the ComfyCon Twitter Feed for updates! For now, you can read over the two tweets we posted in September! :D

OH AND HEY! If you're a creative type (or even if you're totes not creative), you too can host an event for ComfyCon! Just use the hashtag #ComfyCon over Twitter during the weekend - anytime Friday, Saturday, or Sunday - after sharing the URL of your event, and people can search for the hashtag to find your events if they're looking for a place to hang out! 

I look forward to seeing many of you in sweatpants this weekend. You'll certainly be seeing me in mine.


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