Comfy Con starts TODAY!!
Posted November 15, 2013 at 01:58 am

It's my favorite time of the year!! The time when I never get out of my pajamas and dick around on the Internet all day!

JK, that's every day. This time I'll have my webcam on and I'll answer questions from readers!

ComfyCon starts today and goes through Sunday this year! We've got a nice tidy list of fun panels and events listed at the ComfyCon website, or you can just tune in to the Opening Ceremonies with Randy and me at 4:00 pm EST TODAY, Friday the 15th!

We'll be going over the anticipated events for the weekend, and just generally welcoming you to our pantsless party. Just check my Twitter feed for the URL. We will proooooobably just go with this URL: But, really, we're so comfortable we don't even know what's going on yet.

(Thanks to everyone who joined me at last night's half-assed session! I needed the warmup!)

A quick reminder: if you yourself would like to do a panel for ComfyCon, YOU'RE INVITED TO CONTRIBUTE, TOO! This convention is open to the public! Just use the hashtag #ComfyCon on Twitter to promote your event, and provide a link!

And in case you're too comfortable to click the above link, here's today's schedule (but Saturday and Sunday you're on your own):

Convention Schedule
All times are Eastern/Stanard; schedule subject to change
Friday, November 15th:
1pm - Zach Weinersmith Draws Shit for Your Amusement: Live draw on
Ustream. For one hour, Zach Weinersmith (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal/@ZachWeiner) will take your requests and draw them on Ustream. 

4pm - Opening Ceremonies: ComfyCon founders Danielle Corsetto (Girls 
With Slingshots/@dcorsetto) and Randy Milholland (Something*Positive/@choochoobearofficially (but informally) welcome you to ComfyCon!
We'll be talking about the format (what little there is), our own panels, and some of the panels and events we're anticipating over the weekend. 

6pm - Swear Along With Uncle Randy: Randy Milholland Something*Positive/
@choochoobear) will spend an hour or so doing Q&A about his comic and other nonsense. 

8pm - Manga Stuido EX5 Crash Course: Tutorial / Live Art on Google 
Hangout with Spike Trotman (Iron Circus/@iron_spike). Manga Studio is the program that converted me to fully digital comic creation. Wanna learn the basics? Drop in, request drawings, and watch us work!

10pm - Is It Funny?: Panel on Google Hangout with Jennie Breeden (The 
Devil's Panties/@devilspanties). Writing a humorous comic or translating your life into comic form. 
I'll be doing a Q&A at 2pm on Saturday, and live-drawing Monday's strip at 1pm on Sunday. Hope to see you there without your pants on!

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