More GWS shit, not even shitting you, ya shitheads!
Posted November 18, 2013 at 12:26 am

Before I say the word shit again, THANK YOU to everyone who participated in and attended ComfyCon this past weekend! I hope you had as much fun as we did.

If you'd wanted to catch one of my panels, but had to miss it, you can watch them all right here. (Apologies for the "testes testes" and trial videos, I was trying to do some technology to some technology.) You can probably run a search for videos by other artists who ran panels this past weekend, too; most of them were recorded!

So, onto the shit. This is some good shit! Because guess what: ALL GWS SHIT IS BACK IN THE STORE!!

Before you even ask, YES, we have a FEW McPedro dolls left! We found a box we didn't know existed. If you want a McPedro, GET IT NOW, because it may be the last time you can buy one!

We also have Special Kitty mousepads, the Strip Drunk Scrabble poster (which is huge and REALLY nice quality), the green McPedro mustache tee shirt and the glow-in-the-dark DOOOOOM Ghost Kitty tee shirt! And, of course, all the GWS books.

(Well, except for Volume One, which is currently being reprinted.)

I'm sorry to confirm that we no longer have bundle deals for more than one book, BUT... if you buy a GWS book, you can also buy, say, a QC book, Tigerbuttah, something rad from puzzlemaker Chris Yates, and a Johnny Wander tote bag to put it all in, in one big purchase! So I think that's kinda cool. Especially since Christmas is coming up and you know people who read webcomics, right? :) Happy shopping!


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