GWS Shop Closing and Jimmy Jane Forever! (Until tomorrow!)
Posted January 9, 2014 at 01:41 am

I have two juicy bits of news! One has to do with pretty things to interact with your body in public, and the other... you can probably guess.

My dear friend Lauren is closing up the doors of her GWS Etsy shop on JANUARY 18TH (she's been making GWS-specific jewelry and cross-stitch patterns for years!), because she is just so goddamn talented at what she does full-time (spoiler: it's OTHER things you'll want to buy; proceed with caution!). 

So she's having a big-ass sale on all the GWS handmade items! If you want a Happy Clam Card, or a Thea and Mimi Kissin' necklace, you should get on it now, 'cause these items will most likely NEVER be made again!

In less-public news for your privates, Jimmyjane's GWS code last week has been extended to THIS week due to some technical difficulties that cuase the code to be unusable for a day or two (sorry about that, folks!). 

So you've got one more day - through January 10th! - to save 20% on any and all Jimmyjane products by using the coupon code JJLUVSGWS - step on it!!


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