Cookies and toys!
Posted February 14, 2014 at 04:17 am

Three things for you guys before the weekend!

1) My friend Mel created and posted her own recipe for the Ginger Pear cookies that Erin came up with a long time ago, and you can read it here!

2) If you're done reading the recipe and want more to read, you can read this article I did about being a lady-person working with BOOM! to write the Adventure Time books!

3) The Jimmyjane giveaway is, let's say, snowed in right now! Once we "shovel" all the contestants (like almost a thousand of you, WOW!!!) we'll announce the winner! So keep your eyes on the blog, lest we skip over you if you're picked!

That's all. Have a happy Whatevertine's Day, everybody! 


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