Sneak Peek Week!
Posted February 17, 2014 at 03:38 am

I’m taking the week off! By which I mean, I’m not working on GWS strips, but I’m working doubly hard on other things! Because I don’t know how to take a proper week off!

I also don’t know how to say no, so I said “yes” to two REALLY RAD projects that I’ll bet you would've said "yes" to, too. You'll see one of them in a few days. :)

The other one is this one; my submission for Spike's second Smut Peddler anthology, which will come out this year! Before you ask YES I WILL BE PROMOTING THE SHIT OUT OF THIS once it becomes available, so don't worry your pretty little pervy head; I'll give you the DL as I learn it. :)

(Here's last year's Smut Peddler Kickstarter if you'd like more information on what Smut Peddler is!)

This is my first attempt at writing and drawing flat-out smut (well, aside from, ah, "personal projects" WHAT), and it's more challenging than I'd expected! In part because you really have to have some anatomy chops to get the positions right, in part becuase you have to be kinda "in the mood" to write or draw smut, and in part because... as open as I am on Twitter and, basically, all over the Internet, this is a really personal account of my view of sex! So... I won't be going under my actual name. :) You'll have to guess which story is mine, which will be made easier by paying attention to the images I post here (which WILL ALL be safe for work, don't worry!) as I continue working on it this week.

Anyway, what you're seeing here are thumbnails for the final pages, which I'll be doing tomorrow. I'm trying to spend a LOT of time on the thumbnails so that the final pieces will be quicker and easier to finish; much easier to fix a problem when you can see it in miniature than when you've laid it out on a huge sheet of paper!

Tune in tomorrow for more sneak peeks of Smut Peddler! Wednesday I'll be working on a super-special cover design I'm doing for THE COOLEST BOOK BOOM HAS PUT OUT YET (and that's saying something!), and you will just HAVE to buy it when it comes out!! And later this week, I'll be preparing materials for GWS Book 8. It'll be a full, arty week! I hope you'll stick around. :)

PS, I forgot to mention; the reason (aside from deadlilnes!) that I decided to take THIS week off is that last Friday's strip ended what will be GWS Book 9 later this year! Perfect time to take a breather, IMO. :)


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