Goodies for mobile GWS readers!
Posted March 5, 2014 at 03:25 am

Hey, mobile GWS readers! First of all, good job scrolling down to read the blog, I'll bet most of you don't do that.

I have a couple of goodies for you guys!


There's this rad app called, and it's basically an RSS feed for your mobile device. GWS is available on it! Which means that you can have your phone TELL YOU when there's a new strip!

Sign up for an account (click any of these words that are hyperlinked, I'm making this easy for you), then go download the - Broadcast app through iTunes for FREE on your phone. Sign in, and subscribe to receive notices for updates on anything you want (psst, I hear Diesel Sweeties and Qwantz and even Achewood are on there).

You can drop your big fat meat hook onto this hyperlink right here to go directly to the GWS page and subscribe.

If you're not crazy about viewing comics on your mobile device (or taking orders from your phone, because STFU PHONE), you can get notifications sent to your e-mail instead. 

Note (because I know you sweethearts care about me and my continued ability to make a living off this strip) that this will not take away traffic or ad revenue from me, because it's just a little notification to let you know when the site's updated, so you can go straight here and continue to contribute to GWS simply by visiting. :) And if you were concerned about that then I'm sending you a virtual hug, you big lovey bunny you.


Did you know that every strip from #1054 on has a little extra bonus hover text to go with it? Well, now you do. But how do you view it on your mobile device?

If you're on your device right now, play Where's Waldo with Ghost Kitty. Do you see him? He's next to the "back" button. Tap that (kitty) ass and you'll get a surprise! 

(Except it's not a surprise, because I just told you what it is.)

Tap anywhere within the grey box to get rid of it again. You're welcome!


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