Posted May 28, 2014 at 02:27 am

Alright, my friends, the Kickstarter campaign for my tour has LAUNCHED! Check it out!

(I made a silly video, too!)

The list of goodies you can get is right there in the loooong description below the video, WITH PICTURES, so please go have a look!

In short, you can get the official tour artwork in the form of wallpapers (ALL backers get this), postcards, prints, and posters! I'm really stoked about the posters. They look like this:

And they'll be printed on pretty, matte-finish paper. :)

A lot of the limited rewards sold out SUPER FAST, but there are still some limited options available (as of this posting anyway)! Such as:

  • Vintage Pack #1: buttons and Valentine's Day cards, and little goodies! $30
  • Nude Pack: My B9 Kingdom book, plus a finished nude drawing from my drawing sessions. $50.
  • Vintage Pack #2: Same as #1, but with an original 9x12" OLD GWS strip! $75
  • Hand-Drawn Avatar: Almost gone! I'll draw your face! $100
  • Original GWS Strip: An original 7x17" GWS strip with a character/story line of your choice, plus tour print! $150
  • The Official Tour Artwork: The original inks & concept sketches for the postcard and poster - 2 separate drawings, each on 14x17" bristol board. Includes the postcard, print, and poster too!

I hope you find something you'd like! Thanks in advance to everyone who's been chipping in! If we go past the initial goal, I'm really looking forward to hitting our stretch goal numbers so that I can afford to pay for the assistants who have offered to donate their time for free, as well as paying my guest artists more! I'll be releasing that information later on. :)

My campaign will be over in just three weeks (we got started a bit late!), so if you know what you want, act fast! Thanks guys!!


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