Kickstarter news that ISN'T mine
Posted June 12, 2014 at 11:01 pm

Strip #1869... kind of a bummer the topic couldn't be more appropriate to that middle-schooler's-favorite number, eh? Sorry, guys!

At least I didn't cliffhang you on a more nerve-wracking note. (Okay, it's still a little nerve-wracking.)

Did you know that the Kickstarter for my summer cross-country tour has just SIX DAYS LEFT before it closes?? It closes at midnight on Thursday night, because I am a fucking idiot and thought 12:00 am meant FRIDAY night. Because 2 am is my midnight, PARTAAAAAYYYYY

We are THIS FUGGIN' CLOSE *fingers $400 apart from each other* to hitting the final stretch goal of $25k, wherein our guest artists for the summer get an extra $50/strip bonus! Artists like Lucy Bellwood, who's working on her guest contribution right now!

(Her originals will be available for sale, btw!)

After we hit $25k I'll spend the rest on cake and eat it all in a livestream in one sitting.

Anyway, since my final reward won't be ready to show you until Monday, I'd like to take this opportunity to recommend some OTHER comics-related Kickstarter campaigns that are going on right now!

Where is Home? Anthology

I'm putting this one first, because I'm really surprised it hasn't blown through and beyond its goal yet! I think it just needs a little push.

This is a BEAUTIFUL anthology full of illustrations and comics about the concept of home, and how it differs for everyone. The video is just gobs of examples of the work inside (unlike mine, where my face and voice are fucking EVERYWHERE like a face and voice salad), so go ahead and click it - lovely music, BEAUTIFUL art. If nothing else, maybe share the link with someone you think will enjoy it!

Oh Joy Sex Toy

Oh yes, Erika The World Is Her Clitoris Moen has a BOOK in the works! If you haven't already checked out her comic Oh Joy Sex Toy, a) what is wrong with you? b) go now. I'll wait.

I'm pretty sure that's all I need to say, actually. You know what to do. You were just waiting for someone to tell you to do it.

PhD Movie 2: Still In Grad School

You've read Jorge Cham's PhD Comic, right? Of course you-- wait, NO? a) What is wrong with you? b) go now, I'll wait again.

Oh, I'm sorry, you said you HAVE read PhD Comic! Whew, okay. So you've seen the first movie, right?


Get on it. It's FREE.

Oh, and after you love that one up, go fund the second one. It's halfway to its goal!

Augie and the Green Knight: a children's adventure book

You already know Zach Weiner from Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, but--

Sigh. GO READ IT FIRST, then...

-- he's got a kid's book coming out, illustrated by the delightful Boulet! I say "coming out" because it's already like a billion times beyond its goal, so it's been way funded. But that's not important, because you obviously want a copy either way, so go pledge a reward and get one!


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