Same-sex marriage in my own home state! <3 HUGS FOR US ALL
Posted October 9, 2014 at 11:53 pm

Fitting of this recent storyline, I just found out that West Virginia is next in line to had out marriage licenses to same-sex couples! I'm so proud of my state! A little disappointed that there isn't an all-hours gay pride parade happening on the main street at this moment, though. (Instead, it's college brahs drunk-yelling their way to their shitty apartments. <3 Oh, college! <3 )

So what happened in the year 1912? New Mexico &, Arizona became 47th and 48th states respectively, the Titanic sank, but who cares about all that? I don’t know anyone who died on that boat, and I can't discern Arizona's time zones from the purpose of butthole hair (by which I mean I can't comprehend the reasons behind either of them and frankly have never really tried).

The really important thing that happened in 1912 was Juliette Gordon Low starting the first Girl Scout troop in March of that year. I know, I’m a little biased. I’ve been a Girl Scout since first grade (Scout’s honor) and I still carry my membership card in my wallet (also true). 

Did you know I was a Scout leader for awhile? Shaping young minds and encouraging young girls to, sure, go ahead, strive to become a professional artist like me! It’ll freak out your parents! It was a good time.

Perhaps you, too, would like to shape young minds by volunteering for a Girl Scout troop near you! If so, I highly recommend this link!

Most-if-not-all 1900's trivia supplied by Wikipedia which is a free service that accepts donations!



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