The strip 1913 and also the year 1913
Posted October 13, 2014 at 01:39 am

That is gonna take a LOT of Skee-Ball.

We haven't seen Keith, AKA Mall Santa 2013, since uhhh since he was actually Mall Santa 2013! It's been awhile. Let's get re-acquainted with him (and play my favorite arcade game).

As for the strip #, 1913 was the year that Death Valley, California hit the highest temperature recorded in the world (as of 2013): 134°F (~56.7°C).

I drove through Death Valley this year on my trip, unexpectedly! My phone immediately buzzed with a flash flood warning. It rained like this.

I may have been a little peeved with the rain at that moment, but knowing what Death Valley is capable of temperature-wise, I think I lucked out! 


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