I'm Thankful for Comment Moderation
Posted November 27, 2014 at 04:56 am

Happy maybe-you're-eating-a-turkey-with-family-or-maybe-you're-all-like-WTF-is-it-with-Americans-and-their-turkeys day!!

You probably don't know this, but I frequently boast to fellow creators and website-havers about those of you who comment below the blog on this website. Most webcomic creators I know have a strict oh-hell-no policy on open comments, and don't allow them on their sites. I can't blame them; comment sections are usually the buttholes of the Internet! 

But those of you who comment on this website blow my mind. Nearly all of the time you're INCREDIBLY civil to one another, make points I would've never thought of before, and work together to build inclusive, educational discussions about topics that are sometimes very difficult to talk about without getting heated.

(Yes, I've read about half of the comments that have been posted on my site.) (Because I report once a year to Santa Claus.) (It's just a contract job but I do take it very seriously.)

So, today, on this day of thanks, I'd like to say THANK YOU to the people who've made it easy for me to stand behind my decision to keep an open (and thus far uncensored) discussion alive on the GWS website.

I've closed the past few days' worth of comments because there's been a bit of unusual turbulence lately (don't go looking for it, don't don't DON'T come on you know better than that!). I guess it was bound to happen eventually, but I'd prefer that it not escalate to that level of disrespect again.

If you comment here, please help me continue the tradition of free, unaltered and uncensored speech. I think it's important, especially since we cover so many sensitive topics here.

I'd be grateful it if everyone would employ the following guidelines the next time you post:

1. Don't be mean.
2. Don't feed attention to people who are mean.

Actually, that's it. It's a short list. No meanies.

And I really mean it: thank you, to the incredible people who make this place feel more like a community than a place to visit (or, in my case, a day job). I've appreciate you more than you've known over the years.


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