Jimmyjane plug! (LOLLLL)
Posted December 16, 2014 at 01:48 am

Hey, two things! Both of them are sexy.

First of all, if you liked that Blaster Nation link I posted yesterday, maybe you'll love their VERY NSFW new comic, The Rock Cocks! It's freaking GORGEOUS, and fun, and there's like, sexy stuff.

Also, hey, remember Jimmyjane? They're that vibe company that makes my go-to vibrator, the Form 2, which is forever charged and in the top drawer of my nightstand in case of emergencies (happy #TMITuesday).

Well, for those of you who love the Form 2 as much as I do, they've come out with a handsome USB-chargeable Form 2 LE (that's LUXURY EDITION, for those of you cheapasses who are like me and own zero items with the word "LUXURY" in the title). It's black with 24 karat gold details and comes with a sleek black recharger. It's only like $40 more than the standard model and looks sexy as fuck, so if your girl (meaning your lady-friend or your lady-bits) needs some shiny gold thing this Christmas but you wanna get her something PRACTICAL, this will fulfill both of your needs at a very reasonable price.


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